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Pollards has unrivalled experience managing and distributing stock for many clients throughout the UK and Europe. We have secure warehousing space for 1,200 pallets in our facility in Exeter and distribute stock worldwide for our clients on a daily basis. Our service is designed to deliver the dual benefit of cost reductions through volume based printing together with the speed of a next day delivery. Our systems ensure stock is pro-actively managed and ensures clients never run out of stock. It contains time saving features such as real time stock level reports accessible online 24/7 and re-order email notifications when stock lines need to be replenished. It also provides usage reports which identify ways of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies based on accurate historic information. Our system also provides you with complete control and understanding of your print spend as usage reports are available for every product, department and user. This enables customers to not only control their costs, but also their brand and content. The system has proved so successful that many clients use it to manage all their non print related marketing products such as merchandise. The latest version of our online stock management system “GoDesignOnline” incorporates a powerful editor and web to print portal for editing text and producing targeted marketing.  It provides the ultimate solution for controlling every aspect of your print online. The solution gives great benefits for multi sited organisations and where co-branding is required e.g. in dealer networks We provide warehousing and distribution services for hundreds of clients and have specialist knowledge in the following sectors:
  • Manufacturing
  • Charities
  • Retail
  • Airlines
  • Healthcare
  • Food
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